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Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 09:32:00 -0500

I did a fair amount of research on this 6 months ago when I purchased my 62.
First, most have requirements not only on number of miles driven (some offer
2500 and 5000 mile levels), but on driving records of all persons residing
in your home (including kids), amount of insurance currently carried on
other vehicles, number of years driving experience, and age of your daily
drivers (not more than 10 years old).  Also, the vehicle must be stored in a
locked garage, and you have to provide good pictures of the car from all
angles.  After checking out several companies, I got it down to two, Leland
West Insurance out of California and American Collectors out of Cherry Hill,
N.J.  I went with American Collectors because they were slightly cheaper,
were underwritten by a Florida company (where I reside) and several of my
local club members also are insured by them.  Both had very good ratings by
whichever company/agency does ratings of insurance companies.  (I forget
what is is called).  I've got full coverage including towing for an annual
fee that is about what Allstate wanted per month for liability only.

Good Luck,


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