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RE: Are MGB reliable daily drivers?

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Subject: RE: Are MGB reliable daily drivers?
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Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 22:41:35 -0500
I've been following this thread for quite awhile now and it seems that
several persons, among other things, have "assumed" that MG's are "expensive
to repair".

I believe that many would say that I am (sometimes) one of the answer guys -
BUT I don't think that B's are easy just because I'm an "answer guy" as
opposed to a "question guy".

It is just NOT factual that MG's are expensive to repair, especially when
the costs are compared to the RELATIVE cost of repairs on many other modern
import cars of today's era.

For validation of the above - Check the comparative cost for repairs and
scheduled maintenance verses a Lexus, a BMW, Infiniti, Rover or a Jag. I
have. The costs are unbelievably high and make MG repair and maintenance
costs look pale, and a bargain, in comparison.

Check out the cost of a trans overhaul or look at the scheduled maintenance
costs for a Honda, Toyota, Mazda or almost any model Nissan product. They
wanted $180 for just a "minor" (basically an oil change and tire rotation)
service on my 2001 Maxima! I know a lady that actually paid $6000.00 for an
engine overhaul/partial replacement on a 2000 Toyota Camry (under warranty
but didn't change the oil enough)!!!

Hell, they want $365.00 PLUS tax for a 30,000 mile service on just my little
two wheel drive 2000 Isuzu Rodeo!

I submit to you that the MGB of yesteryear is very economical in cost to
repair and maintain as compared to the vehicles of today!

Same goes for ease of/difficulty of repairs. Once you get to thinking that
an MGB is difficult to repair, just look under the bonnet of virtually any
one of the above high tech vehicles made today and compare them to the ease
and simplicity of working on a B! I'll take my B any day on repair costs and
to work on myself over the Maxima and Rodeo that I have!

You know what it does to "assume", don't you?

-Jerry Erbesfield
73 B Black Beauty roadster
website -

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> Unless you are prepared to get down and do a lot of the work yourself (and
> there is a huge amount of free advice and opinion on this list and at
> you had better have deep pockets.

Well let's consider that statement.  I suggest that you consider the cost of
a modern car vs. an MGB.  There should be a sizable pot of cash available
repair costs on the MGB.


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