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Re: Are MGB reliable daily drivers?

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Subject: Re: Are MGB reliable daily drivers?
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Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 20:53:37 -0500
As an avid 'get your hands greasy' kinda' guy here....
I'm not sure which category the list would put me in.
(answer/question)  I've gone through 2 BGT's, 2 Midgets,
Four Spits and  a GT6... I have to let the 'question' group know
that 95% of the tools I own/used on those cars fit in one tool box
that's small enough to carry in one hand , and I have no garage. 
I work out in the parking space in front on my townhouse.

As Larry mentioned... compare the complexities and costs
the MG 'technically' is less reliable (less parts/components)
but this also means it's got LESS stuff to go wrong!
Come on...what other car these days can survive on only 4
fuses  :-)

Paul Tegler

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Subject: RE: Are MGB reliable daily drivers?

> Hmm, there are very few answer guys, or question guys, that could repair
> a new Jaguar, or a new MG for that matter.  So why wouldn't the simple
> technology of an old MG make a good reliable daily driver?  Probably
> because the owner doesn't maintain the car like they should.  That
> doesn't mean you have to do the work yourself.  But the maintance must
> be done.  

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