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Re: Are MGB reliable daily drivers?

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Subject: Re: Are MGB reliable daily drivers?
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Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 23:09:51 -0500
Another PERFECT example!  After tangling with a fire hydrant
head on in a snow covered parking lot... the bonnet, front grill, and chrome
bumper, were all replaced (including painting) for under $360.00

Try that with a new car. Heck.... some of those fancy headlights
cost that much just for the glass casing!

Don't even get me started on the $$ cost of those new massive
wrap around bumpers.

Paul Tegler

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Subject: RE: Are MGB reliable daily drivers?

> I've been following this thread for quite awhile now and it seems that
> several persons, among other things, have "assumed" that MG's are
> to repair".
> I believe that many would say that I am (sometimes) one of the answer
guys -
> BUT I don't think that B's are easy just because I'm an "answer guy" as
> opposed to a "question guy".
> It is just NOT factual that MG's are expensive to repair, especially when

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