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Re: Fuel pump problems?

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Subject: Re: Fuel pump problems?
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Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 09:21:57 -0000
Replace it without looking at it first?  Good heavens no.  On the other hand
you could replace it then refurbish it as a spare for 30 years hence.

My V8 came with an electronic pump and it started playing up, after probably
only 40 or 50k.  Couldn't find out what was wrong and it made its own mind
up when it was going to start working again.  Eventually I replaced it with
the refurbished pump from the roadster which I had replaced with a new
points-type a couple of years earlier (after an estimated 30 years and 120k
miles!).  With a points pump you have a decent chance of getting it going
again by the roadside.  With a pointless (apt name) pump you have virtually
no chance.

If you do a delivery test and it clicks merrily and delivers at the proper
rate but still doesn't run, then the carbs are the thing to look at.

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> Since this pump isn't ticking like it once did. and
> its performance is sketchy, even if it passed the delivery test, wouldn't
> be prudent just to replace it?
> Which leads me to my next question, should I get the old-style pump or one
> of those solid state ones?
> And finally, is there anything else, like a carb problem, that could be
> causing this? Hate to replace anything if all I need is a can of Gum Out.

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