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Re: Fuel pump problems?

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Subject: Re: Fuel pump problems?
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Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 14:31:36 -0000
If the pump makes audible ticking and adequate delivery into a jar, but not
into the float chambers when they have been previously emptied, I would
suspect the float valves.  If *that* ticks too but still not when driving,
and still poor running when driving, then it can only be the main jet - or
something else entirely like the ignition.  But as a old mechanic told me
many years ago "You can drive a coach and horses through an SU".  And as is
also said "90% of the problems with SU carbs lie in the ignition".

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> Okay. That makes sense. Then if the pump is clicking and delivering, what
> should I check with the carbs? Thanks in advance,

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