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Re: Fuel pump problems?

To: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>,
Subject: Re: Fuel pump problems?
From: joseph cianciotti <>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 11:32:18 -0500
on 11/22/02 8:53 AM, Charles & Peggy Robinson at wrote:

> Hay Joe, what seems to be the problem with your B?  -- CR

For those who missed the original post, here it is (in abbreviated form):
> When I started the B this morning there was no familiar "click-click" from the
> fuel pump. But the car started well and off I went. However on my way home,
> the car started hesitating like it was running out of gas and, in fact, died.
> After cranking, though, it started right up. It hesitated a couple of other
> times and even died again. But after a bit of cranking, it restarted and I was
> able to get home.
> When I got home I checked to make sure the pump was getting electricity and
> yes it was. I even turned the fuel pump off so the carbs would run dry. When I
> turned the pump on, my clear fuel filter filled with gas. But the pump only
> clicked on one occasion. But the engine never died on its own.

And here's some new info:

This morning, I checked the flow. It's fine and the pump clicked like crazy.
I then took apart all the easy to remove bits from the carbs. Cleaned out
the float bowls. A little varnish in one of them, the other pretty clean.
One of the gaskets was a little chewed up.  But everything else was clean
and moved freely. Took the dash pots apart, cleaned them to make sure the
piston was moving freely and sprayed some carb cleaner into the needle hole
(can't remember what that's called.) When reassembled, the pump clicked
merrily and filled up everything. I started up the B and once it smoothed
out (I used a lot of carb cleaner) it ran well and the filter never went
dry. Drove it a bit with the turned off the pump. Then flipped it on and the
clear fuel filter filled with gas. (sans clicking)

Not sure what's next. Seems to be working okay. I just won't drive it
somewhere important until I have this thing sorted out.

Any other suggestions? Still trying to solve the problem.

Thanks for all your help, past, present and future,

67 B Roadster

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