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Re: Fuel pump problems?

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Subject: Re: Fuel pump problems?
From: joseph cianciotti <>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 07:36:25 -0500
Okay. That makes sense. Then if the pump is clicking and delivering, what
should I check with the carbs? Thanks in advance,

Joseph Cianciotti
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on 11/22/02 4:21 AM, Telewest (PH) at wrote:

> Replace it without looking at it first?  Good heavens no.  On the other hand
> you could replace it then refurbish it as a spare for 30 years hence.
> My V8 came with an electronic pump and it started playing up, after probably
> only 40 or 50k.  Couldn't find out what was wrong and it made its own mind
> up when it was going to start working again.  Eventually I replaced it with
> the refurbished pump from the roadster which I had replaced with a new
> points-type a couple of years earlier (after an estimated 30 years and 120k
> miles!).  With a points pump you have a decent chance of getting it going
> again by the roadside.  With a pointless (apt name) pump you have virtually
> no chance.
> If you do a delivery test and it clicks merrily and delivers at the proper
> rate but still doesn't run, then the carbs are the thing to look at.
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>> Since this pump isn't ticking like it once did. and
>> its performance is sketchy, even if it passed the delivery test, wouldn't
> it
>> be prudent just to replace it?
>> Which leads me to my next question, should I get the old-style pump or one
>> of those solid state ones?
>> And finally, is there anything else, like a carb problem, that could be
>> causing this? Hate to replace anything if all I need is a can of Gum Out.

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