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Re: Harbor Freight problems

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Subject: Re: Harbor Freight problems
From: Paul Root <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 16:43:30 -0600
    I got home today, and my shipment arrived. The first part not the 
back order, of course.

    A few things about it. We were unable to access the invoice online. 
And could talk
to no human.

    It was shipped UPS. The label on the side says 11/26 but when you go 
to ups and
look up the tracking number, UPS didn't scan it until 12/9. Strange. 
Plus the shipping
label reads Dillon, SC, but the UPS scan is Addison, Il. Could it be 
that they fill a bunch
of orders and wait to fill up a truck or container or something and get 
it themselves to a
bigger UPS distribution center? And, if so, for UPS, wouldn't Mephis be 
a better choice?

I think, I'll be going to N.E. MPLS in the future.


>>Has anyone had any trouble ordering from Harbor Freight?
>>We ordered a few things from them in November, and nothing has
>>shown up. So we called, and they had charged us the full amount of our
>>order on Nov 25,  when they said they shipped 2 of the 3 things. They
>>also won't  do anything to search for a lost package until after 14 working
>>I think 14 working days isn't until next Monday. It's pretty 
>>frustrating. Especially,
>>considering they just opened a store in N.E. Minneapolis just a few 
>>miles from
>>my office. It opened after we ordered. We got the grand opening flyer 
>>like the
>>day after our order.
>>You know, reputable companies don't charge you for backordered items
>>until they ship.
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