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Re: stowaway top needed / hoods

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Subject: Re: stowaway top needed / hoods
From: "Bob Donahue" <>
Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 22:25:18 -0500
Are the stowaways easier to put up and down? Can a '71 be converted to 

As much as I like originality, I would jump at an aftermarket 'easy-to-use' 
hood. Please, someone design an easy to use hood for the MGB! (Boy, don't 
you just hate it when the Miata in the next lane puts his top up/down with 
one arm, without getting out of the car, at the stop light!)

Bob Donahue (Still Stuck in the '50s)
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From: "Paul M." <>
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Sent: Monday, May 30, 2005 9:42 PM
Subject: stowaway top needed

> Does anyone have a stowaway top for an MGB they'd like
> to sell?  Condition is unimportant, as long as it's
> even remotely weatherproof.  If it's in good shape or
> crappy shape, I don't really care - I just need
> something for very occasional use in case I get caught
> in an unexpected shower...
> I have the frame, but nothing else, so I need a top
> with a header rail installed.  Or, if you only have
> the top separately (need an excuse to get rid rid of
> your old one and buy new?) I can probably drum up a
> header rail on my own.
> The top I need is the kind that comes off the frame
> and goes in the trunk.
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul Misencik - 1971 MGB -

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