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RE: stowaway top needed / hoods

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Subject: RE: stowaway top needed / hoods
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Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 09:37:31 -0600
Isn't the folding top simple enough? I can raise and lower mine from the
driver's seat with one hand (maybe two when putting it back up to
stretch it far enough to clamp). It is great during the rainy season.
During our two month dry summer season (July-August), I might remove it,
frame and all, and then just rely on the tonneau cover for protection. 

Right now, I raise and secure it during the day to keep my seats
cool/dry and to provide security when the car is parked (my campus
parking permit hangs on the mirror so it is safer when the top is up).
So when I get to work, I raise and secure the top. Then at the end of
the day, I get in the car and lower the top. Each step takes maybe a
minute if that. And I can see the car from my office window. Life is

David Councill
72 B
67 BGT

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I couldn't agree more.  I prefer the stowaway top by a
considerable margin over the folding version.

But I also agree that after owning an Alfa Romeo
Spider Veloce for a while, and marvelling time and
again about just how wonderfully simple it was to
raise or lower the top with one hand from the driver's
seat, I would think some enterprising aftermarket
company would design something similar for the MGB.

But maybe it's just not possible.

Paul Misencik - 1971 MGB -

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