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Engine trouble

To: <>
Subject: Engine trouble
From: Roger Bonnick <>
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2006 15:47:12 +0100
Hi all,

This is my first communication. I  subscribed to the list shortly after
acquiring an 1980 Roadster and have found the wealth of knowledge amazing.
My technical and mechanical know how is I basic diy level, so please forgive
the possible ignorance in my request for help.

Here goes, The engine developed a 'knock' at the top, back, right of the
engine , difficult to tell exactly where.  Whilst driving the engine failed,
leaving me with a nice blue cloud of smoke trailing behind the car and a
very nice rattle and clatter from the valve gear. I have been told it is
possibly a piston problem. Is this probably the case.

If so is it advisable for me to tackle a project of this nature  given my
present level of experience?

I would appreciate any thoughts, suggestions and assistance.


Roger Bonnick
Lancaster, UK
MGB roadster 1980

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