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Re: Engine trouble

To: "Roger Bonnick" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Engine trouble
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2006 16:26:25 +0100
Certainly sounds like a significant engine problem.  A 'knocking' prior to
failure does indicate to me more like bearing problems, and hence a major
rebuild.  On the other hand maybe it was a piston hitting a valve due to
valve problems, which have got worse, but that may well now have damaged a
piston if not its bore.

It's always difficult to know how someone you don't know defines their own
skill level, you will need a Haynes Manual as a minimum, read it though
several times marking the relevant passages and making sure you understand.
I would take the rocker cover off and examine the rocker gear, and check the
movement (distance travelled) of the rockers and valves as you turn the
engine.  I'd also take the head off and examine the underside of the valves
and seats, and the piston tops and bores.  I'd then consider undoing the big
ends to examine the bearings and crankshaft (not done this so not sure how
obstructed the front pistons are by the cross-member).  With them and the
top off I'd pull the pistons to fully examine the bores and the rings.
After that it's really a matter of what you find that determines what you do

Good luck,

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> The engine developed a 'knock' at the top, back, right of the
> engine...  Whilst driving the engine failed,
> leaving me with a nice blue cloud of smoke trailing behind the car and a
> very nice rattle and clatter from the valve gear.

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