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Re: Engine trouble

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Subject: Re: Engine trouble
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Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 10:45:03 -0500
And once you remove the five front sump (oilpan) bolts, take them to the vise 
and slot the heads with a hacksaw. This way you can use a screwdriver to remove 
or replace them the next time without loosening the engine mounts. I do the 
initial tightening or loosening with a little 90 degree screwdriver and then 
use a long thin screwdriver to speed the bolts in or out. 



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Subject: Re: Engine trouble

> Hi Roger - you should be able to do everything I have described with the
> engine in-situ.  Someone else has said you may have to lift the engine a
> little on its mounts (jack under a stout timber under the sump) to get
> enough clearance to remove the front sump bolts, but after that you should
> be OK.  If bores or crank are damaged then it is an engine out job.
> Paul.

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