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Re: Engine trouble

To: "Roger Bonnick" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Engine trouble
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2006 10:04:50 +0100
The most significant differences are the tin roof and the rubber bumpers ...
but I suspect you had spotted them :o)  There are quite a lot of significant
differences in the engine compartment like engine mounts, radiator type and
position, electric vs mechanical cooling fans.  But the engine and
ancillaries (keep carbs, distributor with the engine) should transplant as
even though the engine did change with rubber bumpers originally it used the
same mounts as your car, and didn't change again when the mounts changed (UK
cars, that is).  Personally I'd persevere with the original engine unless
damage is so severe the block is scrap.  Even then I'd be more inclined to
get a period engine, I'd expect to get that and even exchange it for a
rebuilt unit of the same type for less than the cost of a part project, and
not have to transport, store, and get rid of all the other bits afterwards.
Unless you want to build up a second car of course.  Also personally I
wouldn't consider swapping a roadster for a GT, even if that did mean a
change from rubber to chrome bumpers.


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> As an aside, I have discovered a part finished 1973 GT project with brand
> new standard engine and many other new parts, would it be worth
> consideration or are there any significant differences to the roadster
> (1980).

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