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Re: wire wheel prep

To: Greg Kindall <>
Subject: Re: wire wheel prep
From: David Ambrose <>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 18:31:51 -0700
Greg Kindall wrote:

> I've just reconditioned my wire wheels (knockoffs, 4.5x14, newly 
> painted silver) and am about to have new tires put on. A couple of 
> questions that I think have been mentioned on the list before, but I'd 
> be glad to hear any opinions --
> In lieu of proper rim bands, what about using sections of inner tube? 
> (and how wide should these be?). I've also heard of duct tape being 
> used. Are there problems with these ad hoc adaptations that I should 
> be aware of? (Yes, I like to be cheap if I can.)

After many problems with duct tape, British Wire Wheel in Santa Cruz 
told me to use 10 mil PVC plumber's tape. It's lasted at least as long 
as the tires. I just hand a roll to the guys mounting the tires and tell 
them to apply two layers. No flats, or other problems.

Dave Ambrose

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