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Re: wire wheel prep

To: "Simon Matthews" <>
Subject: Re: wire wheel prep
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 10:51:16 +0100
There has to be clearance between the splines of the wheel and hub or you
would have to press the wheels on and off.  Grease certainly helps cushion
the impact that occurs between the faces of the splines between accelerating
and braking (rear), and like many things it is lack of maintenance that
causes accelerated wear.  In theory the fronts should wear less quickly as
the only reverse forces will be braking in reverse.

Can't see the point of getting a special silver grease just for the hubs,
which might not be the ideal grade for the splines anyway.  Any grease that
gets up the spokes is going to attract dirt to stick to it and that is the
colour you will see.  But the grease will only travel up the spokes anyway
if you have way too much in there, if it is spreading from the tapered faces
and the splines to the heads of the spokes you are putting way too much in.
If you clean the grease off the heads of the spokes none gets up them.


----- Original Message ----- 
> > > I've also heard of
> > > silver anti-seize being used instead of grease, so that what does leak
> > > out doesn't mar the appearance. Any issues here?

> Since the splines eventually
> wear out, one can assume that there is some movement between wheel and
> hub. Thus, some kind of grease that minimises the wear effects of this
> movement would surely be ideal?

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