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Re: [oletrucks] More Swappin' Lies About Suppliers

To: Gwyn Reedy <mgr@mgrcorp.com>
Subject: Re: [oletrucks] More Swappin' Lies About Suppliers
From: Grant Galbraith <trks@javanet.com>
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 04:20:21 -0500

Gwyn Reedy wrote:

> On a somewhat separate issue: I don't think it is a bad thing (some have
> called it stealing or illegal) to charge credit cards before items are
> shipped.

I'll refrain from taking the bait on GSPP  except to say they're  the only
vendor out of a dozen or so I have dealt with that charge your card for back
ordered parts.
  On a more positive note I have had good luck with Chevy Duty also but will
mention Gilbert's again. I was impressed when I bought a wiper motor from
Gilbert's which didn't fit as I expected. It suffered from the same design  flaw
as Newport Engineering's motor. When I called the owner he installed one in his
own truck to check the problem and called me back in a couple of hours. This was
a refreshing change from employees  who can only read to you from the catalog,
or who don't really care as long as you go away.
  For people in the North East,  Robert's is a vendor that when they used UPS
prior to the strike I often got my parts by noon the next day. Request UPS if
your in a hurry as US mail they use now is locally slower . They never take my
order without telling me if something will be backordered.

Grant 50 3100


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