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To: 6pack@autox.team.net
Subject: Re: Paint
From: tr6taylor@webtv.net (Sally or Dick Taylor)
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 12:16:27 -0700
 PG---To do a decent job, the parts that should come out of the engine
compartment would be the following:
Motor and tranny,
All brake related items,
Hood and latches,
Heater hoses,
and anything else that would interfere with painting things body color.

The wiring harness can stay, if you carefully wrap them with newspaper
and masking tape. Same with the cables that come out of the firewall.
This will require some lifting and shifting during the painting
proceedure, of course.

The paint shop had already removed things like the headlights and grill
when they stripped the car at an earlier date.

With the above parts out of the way, then the cleaning, sanding, and
priming x 4 can begin. I had the painting company that did the body come
to the house to do the final engine bay color. (An extra $400 but I
wanted it to look as good as the body paint)

While all of the "parts" were out, I rattle canned them. These paints
have held up well thru the four years of engine heat and cleaning.
Various color schemes of heat-resistant paint were used, mostly like the
stock colors.

It was a satisfying project, and I now wonder why I didn't do this



My TR250 was restored a few years ago and the shop who did it painted
the engine compartment black while the rest of the car was red. I have
no idea why..it was a frame off resto. 
Anyways, I would like to paint the engine compartment the same as the
rest of the car. 
Has anybody on the list had any experience with painting the engine

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