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RE: Image Awareness

To: "Kelly, Katie" <>, <>
Subject: RE: Image Awareness
From: "Kevin Stevens" <>
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 19:28:21 -0800
> Hey, I was reading up on the Women's Global GT Series. Did you know that
> THREE of our very own, Shauna Marinus, Jean Kinser, and Belinda Endress
> were selected? Isn't that great? Isn't it inspiring?

Where'd you find the info?  All I heard about this was Jeff Glorioso yelling
in my ear while I tried to navigate a very wet Coliseum course during our
first event.
"Shauna won another race!!"
"Great, Jeff - do you remember how to turn a 180 spin into a 360?"

> So, they had these tryouts, and according to my anonymous source, 70
> very talented women showed up from all over the world! She said she
> couldn't believe all the talent she saw.

Imagine!  70!

> That in itself gives me goosebumps, because look what happens when you
> give women a chance in a sport in which they used to make fun of women.

Lessee - you make Y chromosome deficiency a criterion for entry, and you end
up with all women?  Why are you surprised by this?

> Anyway, apparently, you undergo a series of tests at the tryouts. How
> you perform on the track is 50% of your score. They also test you for
> your athletic ability, interview, and get this: image awareness.

How PC of them to avoid the traditional swimsuit competition.  So actual
ability to drive a car is worth a whole 50%.  That's fantastic.  It has kind
of a symmetry to it, y'know?  Only 50% of the human race is eligible, so
only 50% of the results count...

I guess, one more time, I just don't get it.


(against gender segregation)

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