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Re: 265 Chrysler Rods

To: "Daryl Webb" <dwebb@schooner.waite.adelaide.edu.au>
Subject: Re: 265 Chrysler Rods
From: "Rich Atherton" <gumby@connectexpress.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 22:07:11 -0800
    Geeeez.  Flame mail !!!  hehehe.  I never said it wasn't a good engine,
on that I have no idea, and have to go buy what is said by those whoi have
used them.  But I did receive a line drwing of the engine and it's head, and
looking at the narrow valve cover...based on these 2 things alone, Hpow is
it that the 2 valves do not opperate in the same plane.  Cnsider the
Uppercase letter "V"  where the two lines come together is the combustion
chamber.  The drawing I saw showed all the valves in line, operating in the
same plane..as is the case in a standard head configuration..  Maybe there
is something I'm not seeing, but I can't tell from what I have seen so
far...But I will let it go for now, since this doesn't really involve the
Buick / Rovers engines...  If Someone cane find a photo series on that head,
from  a shop or a shop manual, please send it to me...
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From: Daryl Webb <dwebb@schooner.waite.adelaide.edu.au>
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Date: Monday, January 17, 2000 8:29 PM
Subject: Re: 265 Chrysler Rods

>According to Rich Atherton:
>> term HEMI, in regards to the apparent 225 Slant 6 appearing engine in the
>> link below..  I used to own a 331 Hemi, and HEMI stood for Hemispherical,
>> and the cumbustion chamber in the head was domed shaped.
>Gee Rich, here in Oz it means the same thing..
>> Large valves at either side of the dome,
>Yup same here in OZ
>> then the Spark plug right dab in the center where it belonged.
>OK not quite of the 6cyl hemi, but still very central.
>> The Pictures of the Aussie Valiant look good, but the head on
>> that thing looks just like ever 225 slant 6 I rebuilt in high school
>You must have had some real interesting slant 6's at you high school, coz
>the 6cyl hemi heads I know are a lot different from the slant 6's
>> That Valiant is NOT a true Hemi head...
>How so, it forms 1/2 of a sphere (well OK the flat valves put some dents
>in it but other than that 1/2 sphere)
>> My car is, some Toyota's have been but I can't remember which model,
>>  but NOT slant 6's...
>Agreed not slant 6's but we are talking about the OZ developed HEMI 6cyl
>not the old slant 6
>> There just is no way to make a head that narrow and have semi opposing
>> valves in a hemispherical chamber...
>Well someone forgot to tell the designers coz thats what they have...
>> Hemi heads Flow better than any other design.
>Yup thats why they got 300+ HP from a factory 265 CI 6 cylinder....
>Rich just because its not 'mericun doent mean its no good.
> the Hemi series of 6's were great motors, strong, reliable, tolerant of
>obscene abuse, developed good power, even better torque and were capable
>of excellent economy (particularly in the later ELB guises)  That chrysler
>US didnt make use of these excellent engines, even though the initial
>design was started in the US in 1966, says a lot about chrysler
>daryl (dwebb@waite.adelaide.edu.au)

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