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Re: 265 Chrysler Rods

To: "The Becketts" <hillman@bigpond.com>,
Subject: Re: 265 Chrysler Rods
From: "Rich Atherton" <gumby@connectexpress.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 03:47:24 -0800
    OK, I haven't said much on here in a while, But I have to question the
term HEMI, in regards to the apparent 225 Slant 6 appearing engine in the
link below..  I used to own a 331 Hemi, and HEMI stood for Hemispherical,
and the cumbustion chamber in the head was domed shaped.  Large valves at
either side of the dome, then the Spark plug right dab in the center where
it belonged.  The Pictures of the Aussie Valiant look good, but the head on
that thing looks just like ever 225 slant 6 I rebuilt in high school  Sorry.
My 331 Hemi heads weighed a ton, and were HUGE !!  They were a full foot
wide.  426 hemi HEADS are even bigger as are Donovan Block heads  (These
were the Aluminum version most drag racers used back in the 70's.)
    The Chrysler I own now is a TRUE Hemi.  The 3.5L V-6 in the Dodge
Intrepid, & Chrylser Concorde (my Car) is a 4 valve single in head cam with
roller rockers stock.  heads are almost a foot wide, and the plugs, (like
all classic Hemi's) go right down through the middle of the valve covers
into sealed tubes that thread in to the head...It looks like this...


That Valiant is NOT a true Hemi head...My car is, some Toyota's have been
but I can't remember which model engine was, but NOT slant 6's...

There just is no way to make a head that narrow and have semi opposing
valves in a hemispherical chamber...Virtually ALL japanese motorcycles
engines are Hemi's.  Lord knows I have worked on enough of those in my
life...It's also one of the reasons they can produce so much power for their
little size.  Hemi heads Flow better than any other design.

Now if only the the little Buick motor was a hemi?  Hmmmmm


>You can also see in the links section, lots of Chrysler Valiants - see
>http://www.ergonomics.com.au/charger.htm for details on the 265 Hemi
>six-pack (with photos).
>>Damien, Peter, Ron, etal,
>> Thanks for the intro. to an engine which is a brand new story to me
>>and sounds very interesting.  The big questions remain:
>>1) What is it about these rods which makes them useful to a Rover/Buick
>>engine builder?
>>2) Are they the same as used on any other Chrysler engine?
>>3) Are they readily available and reasonably priced in your part of the
>>4) Specifics on dimensions such as center to center length, rod bearing
>>diameter, pin hole diameter, bushed small end or not, big end width,
>>offset, material of manufacture, reputation for strength, etc, etc,
>>etc,----would all be welcome.  I want to learn as much as possible in full
>>detail.  There must be something to this or it would not be mentioned from
>>time to time.  There certainly are not any listings here (USA-California)
>>in any parts catalogs or performance parts catalogs I have seen.
>>5) Can anybody else add anything useful or fill in any of the above
>>information?  I do not think these rods are mentioned in Hardcastle's book
>>Thanks in advance.
>>Dave K.

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