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Re: Hallett Shootout - Car Classification - Clarification

Subject: Re: Hallett Shootout - Car Classification - Clarification
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005 08:06:20 EST
    There were a number of important issues that this situation highlights.

1. The first situation is that FOT members are potentially being excluded 
from participating in this event because of the organizers choice to exclude 
certain models and years. In the future, I am recommending that FOT for its 
"national" insist that the organizer have an open policy toward all Triumphs 
such as 
what was offered at the 50th anniversary at MidOhio. 

2. As you all know, Triumph racing history did not end in 1972. My personal 
view is that not only that FOT make sure there is an opportunity for everyone 
to race, but also on a broader basis help make sure that the racing heritage of 
the Triumphs of all eras be promoted. 

At some point in time, groups like CVRA will hopefully embrace cars which 
were prepared to later standards. The Group 44 TR7 is now almost 30 years old. 
When I started racing, a 1972 car was less than 20 years old.  

3. However, I also believe that FOT has a role to play in establishing what 
are legitimate reliability and safety upgrades on historic racing cars and what 
are simply competition upgrades. I personally believe that it is important 
for FOT itself to encourage that cars be prepared to the appropriate SCCA 
specification of its original racing era. I am therefore am actually supportive 
CVRA efforts to keep racing both historically correct and affordable.

Owning the Group 44 racecar has been a priviledge. But as Tim at GRM will 
find out if he maintains the car in its historically correct setup, owning a 
correct Group 44 racecar can also be frustrating since its current "vintage" 
competition has been modernized. The basic preparation and improvements made by 
Group 44 to make the car so competitive in their era can not compensate for the 
modernization that we have frequently discussed here on FOT. 

4. As Tim will maybe document for us, the cost of accurately restoring a 
historical racecar is significant. It certainly decreases the incentive for 
someone to accurately restore these car if they know that they are not going to 
competitive. If FOT would step in to level the playing feild by establishing 
level of preparation for Triumphs, it would make the situation better. For 
example, if FOT establish voluntary specifications for "vintage" racecars by 
year of their conformance with SCCA GRC or the sanctioning body where it ran 
competitively rules. 

5. Wedges & CVAR - Other than Bill and Vern, I am not sure that there is 
anyone still active on the FOT list that road races these cars. Neither Bill or 
Vern has indicated that they plan to attend. For that matter, I am not sure 
whether either of them are still active on FOT.

    Consequently, whether or not CVAR accepts wedges is not going to have a 
significant impact on the event. Very frankly, whether or not I can attend 
remains uncertain, so its not worth making a major effort with CVAR. If I can 
attend, there are driving alternatives.

6. Wedges - If you talk with the people who competitively drove these cars in 
the early 1980s, they will tell you that if it were not for the loss of 
Triumph corporate support as well as influence with the sanctioning bodies, the 
wedge would have had a much longer and successful road racing history. (Think 
a TR8 as a 400 HP SPITFIRE in WEDGE SHAPE :) )Its too bad this group of cars 
has few places to play, but I will keep working on it.


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