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To: "FOT" <>
Subject: tranny's
From: "rob" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 16:59:21 -0500
Hello everyone  I am trying to get an idea of what its like to run an OD trany
with a Close R/O box  Having all those gear choices is great but some how i
feel like there would be a whole lot of shifting going on at any given track
and just haveing that many choices would cause you to loose time
Instead of hanging on to one gear with full throttle ringing it out then
making the shift. I am not sugesting over reving any one gear but just being
able to keep full throtle longer seems faster than making a lot of shifts
 Most of my racing is in 3rd and 4th gear with not many more than 2or3 shifts
per lap at most tracks   thanks for the help   rob

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