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Subject: Re: tranny's
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Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 09:42:51 -0000
I run an ST close ratio gearset in my rally car gearbox and it is excellent 
on long tarmac tests. My only issue is the tall first gear which im just 
removing and replacing with a standard TR6 item  - this is because I do lots 
of starts (shorts blasts) and you need very high revs and some clutch 
slipping to get away with the tall 1st. 3rd OD and 4th overlap on the ST set 
so you could change 3rd, but I use a toggled logic device on a switch to 
fire the OD unit so its very useful to wing in 3rd OD when you really need 
4th, but want it quick (600psi OD unit and hard clutch material - like being 
sit by a 303 round when it comes in).

The gearbox's I run (I have 3 in rotation, 1 standard, 1 uprated but 
standard ratio's, 1 monster as described above) are actually  converted stag 
a type overdrive units (this is becaise of the stronger botton end in the 
gearbox and also they are easier to source) with a very high spec OD's  - 
but this is a rally thing unless you have big circuits as in Europe. I 
believe a lot of the circuit guys over here run non overdrive CR saloon 
boxes (and drop back to the low first gear). In europe I believe there are 
more ODs as the tracks in use are longer.

There is also a straight cut set available in the UK for the TR / stag box 
(I think MOSS retail them also) - apparently these are superb and little or 
no clutch is necessary to change gears. You just tickle it in ....



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