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RE: tranny's

To: FOT <>
Subject: RE: tranny's
From: Bill Babcock <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 00:01:46 -0800
I'm not suggesting a four speed box as speed equipment. The key term is REAL
RACE CARS. Our tractor motors won't make a hell of a lot more horsepower
just because we keep them at the peak of the power band. My Radical
absolutely needed six speeds, but it made 160 HP out of 1000 cc at 12,000
RPM and probably half that at 10,000. I didn't get fast in the thing until I
learned to keep it in the power band. But I raced the same track every time,
and put hundreds of hours in the seat learning how to drive the thing. And I
still made mistakes every lap.
We vintage racers don't have enough track time to know what gear we should
be in at every spot in the track. At least I don't. There's a lot of fudging
going on. I absolute terms I know you are right, but given the real
limitations most folks race under I don't think another gear would help. 
Bill Babcock
Babcock & Jenkins

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