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Re: V-8 ??? & $$$

Subject: Re: V-8 ??? & $$$
From: Rick Huber <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 04:05:48 -0500

Yes, it does become a screaming machine.  Your car, the 78 is the
easiest to convert, the 77 - 80 models with the radiators moved forward.
 You should be able to buy a Rover 3.5 L V8 and the 5 speed transmission
that goes with it - the SD1 set up, or from a TR8.  Rebuilt and ready to
install for about $4000.  Seems like you can find an engine / trans or a
full Rover 3500 car with both in it for under $1000 and rebuild
yourself.  Lots of other parts to also buy, like starter, intake &
exhaust manifolds, carb or EFI, dist or electronic ignition.  There is a
great web page, I believe its that tells a great story.

My 17 year old son, Andrew and I worked on our 75 B V8 conversion for 1
1/2 years, did a full restoration on the car and put in the V8 engine
for about $13K, but I didn't separate out the costs for just converting.
 You can spend plenty more than that if you really get going, but I've
heard of lots of people spending lots less.  There's an MGB V8
newsletter that you should subscribe to - get the details from the list.  Read all about it before you start buying
parts and start doing the work - you'll be much better off.

Good luck,

Rick Huber
'75 V8 B Daily Driver
'65 B undergoing lengthy restoration wrote:
> Well now that i have a 78 b im really dieing to make it a screaming machine
> so just how much should i expect it to cost.  I & some friends would do all
> the work .  Im looking for recomedations on engines trans etc to do this
> little venture.
> Thanks
> Ray Huff
> 4 mgb's no brains but,

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