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Re: V-8 ??? & $$$

To: Jurgen Hartwig <>
Subject: Re: V-8 ??? & $$$
From: Susan and John Roper <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 21:17:05 -0500
Jay, I eavesdropped and got interested.  Please tell me which Porsche rotor
you used.  It could solve a problem I'm working on on my TR8.  How thick is
the rotor and how deep is the hat?  Thanks, John

Jurgen Hartwig wrote:

> wrote:
> > >Contact me in private about other things.   I don't want to blitz the
> > >list with this stuff.  We have converted Porsche rotors for use with
> > >the
> > >MG hub. Four wheel disc brakes.  Considering full independent at all
> > >four corners with coilovers.  Once it starts you just can't stop.
> > >
> > >Jay
> >
> > Jay -
> > I would have thought this would be an interesting topic for all of us -
> > even us poor souls with half an engine - only 4 cylinders - !
> > I havnt the guts or the $$ for a V8 conversion - but ive driven 'em and
> > its as good a fantasy as you can get!!
> Mike, no insult intended.  I currently drive a 4 cylinder.  I've put
> over 34k miles on it in just over 3 years.  Aside from niggling ignition
> problems, she's doing great, and I would never convert it to a V-8.  The
> rubber bumper B, well... she was asking for it.
> Ok, onto what you asked about.  Porsche front rotors and Wilwood
> calipers.  Using an 0.40" thick adapter plate machined from 6" rounds,
> we are able to mate the Porsche rotor (huge 11.8" ventilated rotor, $26
> OEM) to the MGB front hubs.  We wanted to retain the 4 lug pattern for
> use with the minilite wheels.
> Another fellow who is has performed a Wilwood caliper ($99 each) install
> is making a set of adapter plates for us, to allow the Wilwood's to be
> bolted onto the existing mounting points.  Simple, easy, and for you
> purists, bolt-on.
> That's the easy part.  Now we are considering fully independent
> suspension at all four corners.  Up front, we're in the conceptual
> stages of determining a new configuration for suspension.  We need
> camber adjustment, as the lowered car now has serious negative camber.
> One idea involves the use of aftermarket coilover adjustable shocks. We
> would be able to lose the large coil spring and lever shock and use the
> coilover shock.  One problem we are running into currently is trying to
> find room to put the shock.  The lengths available are longer than the
> space available.
> After discussion with another lister, we're considering an indenpendent
> suspension comprised of a narrowed 8" Ford rear end and CV axles.  This
> would permit the use of coilover suspension, once again, and disc
> brakes.  This is really rough right now.  I don't think we realize the
> cost yet, and we certainly don't realize the complexity.  Looks like I
> need to get some books on suspension design.
> Onto engine goodies.  Through use of cermic coatings and friction
> inhibitors we hope to extend the longevity of the 3.5 liter engine.  It
> will also free up horsepower, as heat entrained in the combustion
> chamber = more power.  In addition, we are shunning the norm of the RV8
> headers or block-hugger headers, and we are currently consulting the
> advice of an exhaust tuner to gather the information to design an equal
> length exhaust header.  I'm not even sure if there is enough room for
> equal length runners in that car.  I'm sure we would need to cut the
> fender and route the exhaust in that fashion.  Again, time, money, and
> ability will dictate our actions.
> As you can see, a lot of things are up in the air, but one thing is for
> sure, we are doing the Porsche rotors and ceramic coatings.  The other
> things are subject to change.
> Let me know if you want more detail on items.  I'll be happy to oblige.
> Jay

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