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Re: V-8 ??? & $$$

Subject: Re: V-8 ??? & $$$
From: Jurgen Hartwig <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 09:20:39 -0400 wrote:

> >Contact me in private about other things.   I don't want to blitz the
> >list with this stuff.  We have converted Porsche rotors for use with
> >the
> >MG hub. Four wheel disc brakes.  Considering full independent at all
> >four corners with coilovers.  Once it starts you just can't stop.
> >
> >Jay
> Jay -
> I would have thought this would be an interesting topic for all of us -
> even us poor souls with half an engine - only 4 cylinders - !
> I havnt the guts or the $$ for a V8 conversion - but ive driven 'em and
> its as good a fantasy as you can get!!

Mike, no insult intended.  I currently drive a 4 cylinder.  I've put
over 34k miles on it in just over 3 years.  Aside from niggling ignition
problems, she's doing great, and I would never convert it to a V-8.  The
rubber bumper B, well... she was asking for it.

Ok, onto what you asked about.  Porsche front rotors and Wilwood
calipers.  Using an 0.40" thick adapter plate machined from 6" rounds,
we are able to mate the Porsche rotor (huge 11.8" ventilated rotor, $26
OEM) to the MGB front hubs.  We wanted to retain the 4 lug pattern for
use with the minilite wheels.  
Another fellow who is has performed a Wilwood caliper ($99 each) install
is making a set of adapter plates for us, to allow the Wilwood's to be
bolted onto the existing mounting points.  Simple, easy, and for you
purists, bolt-on.

That's the easy part.  Now we are considering fully independent
suspension at all four corners.  Up front, we're in the conceptual
stages of determining a new configuration for suspension.  We need
camber adjustment, as the lowered car now has serious negative camber. 
One idea involves the use of aftermarket coilover adjustable shocks. We
would be able to lose the large coil spring and lever shock and use the
coilover shock.  One problem we are running into currently is trying to
find room to put the shock.  The lengths available are longer than the
space available.

After discussion with another lister, we're considering an indenpendent
suspension comprised of a narrowed 8" Ford rear end and CV axles.  This
would permit the use of coilover suspension, once again, and disc
brakes.  This is really rough right now.  I don't think we realize the
cost yet, and we certainly don't realize the complexity.  Looks like I
need to get some books on suspension design.  

Onto engine goodies.  Through use of cermic coatings and friction
inhibitors we hope to extend the longevity of the 3.5 liter engine.  It
will also free up horsepower, as heat entrained in the combustion
chamber = more power.  In addition, we are shunning the norm of the RV8
headers or block-hugger headers, and we are currently consulting the
advice of an exhaust tuner to gather the information to design an equal
length exhaust header.  I'm not even sure if there is enough room for
equal length runners in that car.  I'm sure we would need to cut the
fender and route the exhaust in that fashion.  Again, time, money, and
ability will dictate our actions.  

As you can see, a lot of things are up in the air, but one thing is for
sure, we are doing the Porsche rotors and ceramic coatings.  The other
things are subject to change.

Let me know if you want more detail on items.  I'll be happy to oblige.


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