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Re: overheated engine

Subject: Re: overheated engine
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 10:29:35 GMT
>What is your opinion on rebuilding after overheating.
>The guy at the shop seems to think it is a BAD idea.
>I didn't think it was trouble if you had everything checked for cracks,
>and replaced all questionable components...
>If the block is solid and cleaned up, where is the problem?
>Please tell me if you know, this is a question for the OFs
>Mike Jose


I'm not Mike, but to a professional, the problem might be spending a lot of
time taking everything apart and then finding that something is cracked,
and the customer balks at spending the money for the new head (or worse
yet, the block can't be used).  An already rebuilt engine *may* be more
expensive, but it is quicker, the car doesn't tie up space in the
mechanic's bay or lot, and the cost is controlled and predictable, whereas
your engine is an unknown variable. If you're doing it yourself, you might
as well go ahead, but I'm not surprised the pro thought it was a bad idea,
as he's probably been burned before by doing it.


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