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Re: Petrol rip off

To: Max Heim <>
Subject: Re: Petrol rip off
From: patrick bailey <>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 06:47:55 -0700
Have you heard of MTBE?This is the
additive that was put in our gas in
california to supposedly reduce
emisissions.Now it's leaking into our
water.This stuff also has caused
numerous car fires as it dries out the
rubber in fuel systems also it has
absoulely no energy so we are getting
10~15% less milage per gallon,I went to
the Grand canyon last year in my wife's
Aerostar got 18.5 mpg here 21.5 in
arizona.Our governor has signed a bill
to remove it but not until 2001!So our
EPA in their wisdom forced a unknown
product down our throats raising the
price of gas,getting less
milage,polluting the water supply
without listening to people who were
warning of this stuff for years!So yes I
think the government would allow a
product that reduces the IQ of children
if the money is there.I'm convinced that
a lot of officials got paid off by the
oil companies.I would love to see a
class action law suit against the
EPA,state of california,oil companies
making them RESPONSIBLE for their
actions!The people who made these
decisions should be fired and the MTBE
should be taken out now!

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