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Re: Moss Motors?? what about Roadster Factory!

Subject: Re: Moss Motors?? what about Roadster Factory!
From: David Councill <>
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 15:33:14 -0700
I haven't ordered from the Roadster Factory recently but they always touted 
the quality of their parts. And the parts I got were always as good as they 
claimed.  And they have perhaps the nicest catalog in the business. The 
only problem I had was whenever they were out of stock on parts, like the 
SU carb throttle shafts. I had to call several times and the order took 
about five or six months.

Lately, it seems that the quality of parts has decreased. The fit on some 
parts that I got from Moss and the Proper MG were not quite right. I was 
disappointed but they both exchanged the parts with good parts.

We did discuss the quality problems on this list earlier this year. 
Unfortunately, most of the vendors get their parts from the same sources. 
This may be our greatest problem in the future. Otherwise, prices are 
similar between vendors and customer service seems to be the key.

67 BGT
71 BGT

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