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MGB EFI system from Moss

To: <>
Subject: MGB EFI system from Moss
From: "Steve Shoyer" <>
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 12:16:27 -0500
I was looking at the Moss website yesterday (just to see if the supercharger 
was on sale) and noticed that there's a new EFI system that replaces the ZS 
carb on later model cars.  It didn't mention much about performance, which I 
assume isn't the reason to get it.  I wonder if there's any plan to fit the 
throttle body onto the supercharger and make a nice package that would cost 
more than I paid for my car (well, at least the original purchase price).

My car hasn't seen a ZS carb in a long time, so I don't think the EFI package 
would be the best direction for me to go next.  Still, it looked like a nice 
addition if my car were closer to stock and I was having carb problems.

--Steve (1980 MGB)

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