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RE: MGB EFI system from Moss

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Subject: RE: MGB EFI system from Moss
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Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 11:14:41 -0800

Normally aspirated is for wimps!

The Jackson Racing Ford Focus supercharger manifold gets band sawed and
the intake stubs from the crossflow DGV manifold get welded on to the

You got the idea about the injector bungs, the DGV manifold stubs are
more than thick enough to be drilled and the bungs welded on.

An Eaton M45 bolts to the manifold and either a Ford, Miata or Honda
throttle body is fitted to the blower using off the shelf Jackson racing

Creating the belt path is going to be the toughest part, but using off
the shelf MGB supercharger pulley set takes a lot of the work out of it.
Probably moving the alternator to the RH side may be the easiest, but a
small unit may fit under the blower without a problem.

Crank fire ignition is a must, and a gear reduction starter allows the
use of the hang down oil filter adapter.  This clears the area under the
blower and makes maintenance much easier.

I'd prefer to go with an aftermarket engine management system, as this
is an area I would like to learn more about.

Sure stuffing a V6 under the bonnet would be easier, but that's not the



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        Now that you mention it.  I do have the following parts lying
        waiting for some time:
        Cross Flow Head
        Weber DGV manifold for above
        Jackson Racking Ford Focus Supercharger manifold
        MGB supercharger pulley set
        A band saw
        TIG Welder


        It would be an interesting project.  Couple of thoughts - the
easy but expensive way to do it would be to use TWM throttle bodies (the
Weber look-alikes).

        The cheaper way would be to weld up a new manifold from steel -
along the lines of the (cough - I have trouble even typing such a
miscegenation) DGV manifold. It would terminate not in a downdraft
flange, but in a single sidedraft flange to which would be bolted a
throttle body. I suggest any of the GM units for 4 cylinder use, maybe
around 52 mm would work.

        Buy the injector bungs and weld them into the runners pointed at
the ports, and install a fuel rail with injectors (this stuff is all

        You've got the whole thing complete with throttle position
sensor, IAC etc. and "just" need to adapt an ECM, either aftermarket or
borrowed from another car - any 4 cylinder GM car would be a good basis
- go for late 1980s or early 90s, before OBD II.

        Except for the fact that I am using the original GM injection
stuff, not unlike what I am doing to the Jamaican project, integrating
the engine harness into the MG wiring harness - I just didn't need to
fabricate the intake manifolding.

        I'm sure it wouldn't be a marketable concept as the price would
inevitably be higher than anyone but a few fanatics would be willing to
pay, but you'd have a high output MG engine that was tunable with chip
mods and had excellent power.


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