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RE: MGB EFI system from Moss

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Subject: RE: MGB EFI system from Moss
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 10:11:14 -0800

Now that you mention it.  I do have the following parts lying around
waiting for some time:

Cross Flow Head
Weber DGV manifold for above
Jackson Racking Ford Focus Supercharger manifold
MGB supercharger pulley set

A band saw
TIG Welder

Box of Honda Fuel Injection components

Now I just need the time and a Megasquirt box.


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Subject: Re: MGB EFI system from Moss

For your next project, how about fitting  injection to a crossflow 4
alloy head that could really use it.........(I  know - after the 3 guys
who might 
be in the market for such a thing buy one,  they'd probably sit on the
but the idea is an enticing one).
Bill Spohn

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