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Re: MGB EFI system from Moss

Subject: Re: MGB EFI system from Moss
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 12:16:17 EST
In a message dated 03/02/2006 8:01:31 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

There  are no plans to install the EFI on the supercharger unit as the
resources  necessary for development and mapping of the unit are not
available.   I am very much looking forward to what owners do with the
numerous after  market injection and control units available.  I know
what my plans  are, but there are only so many projects that I can tackle
at a time.   


Know how you feel!
I was talking to a guy about your FI on another  group - he was wondering 
what a swirl pot does and I explained about sucking air  if you were below 
1/3 in the gas tank. Did you guys have any problems with  that, or do you just 
tell customers to try and keep at least 1/3 of a tank  full (the cheapest 
For your next project, how about fitting  injection to a crossflow 4 port 
alloy head that could really use it.........(I  know - after the 3 guys who 
be in the market for such a thing buy one,  they'd probably sit on the shelf, 
but the idea is an enticing one).
Bill Spohn

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