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Re: Re-class a Miata for +15hp!!!!!!!! Give me a break.

Subject: Re: Re-class a Miata for +15hp!!!!!!!! Give me a break.
From: Stephen Bernard <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 12:24:23 -0400
> People want to re-class the new Miata for adding 15hp!!
> Just a few weeks ago the ESP crowed asked for a completely different 
> concept of vehicle to be moved because it's an overdog.  Look at all
> name calling, bad mouthing and flaming that started.  Based on that I 
> can't believe people really want to move a mildly updated version of
> same car.

My point was that if the car proves to be an overdog in the
class Stock you will lose Miata drivers if the 15HP is offset
by say more weight that's ok. I'm not saying the car should be
reclassed unless it's a proven overdog. 15HP and a 6 speed
could make a difference on course.

I am not like Jeff Winchell, and I'm not flaming or bad mouthing
anyone so please don't lump me into that category.
Prepared Class is different than stock anyway.
But in Stock you can't upgrade to you competitors level unless
you buy a new car. I'd buy a Shifter Kart and another trailer
for it before I'd buy another Miata for an extra 15hp.

Steve Bernard
Red '99 Miata (B-Stock)
NER Region (Novice Class)


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