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Re: Re-class a Miata for +15hp!!!!!!!! Give me a break.

Subject: Re: Re-class a Miata for +15hp!!!!!!!! Give me a break.
From: Stephen Bernard <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 22:45:19 -0400
> Agreed...but you may want to read Car and Driver's article about the
> Miata vs the MR2-Spyder as far as how well the Spyder did on a 
> track.
> Basically, Spyder wins acceleration, braking, and handling IIRC. 
> Miata wins looks and storage. 

I read the article and on page 102 they do add that the agility
of the Miata is higher and that it was better through the cones.
So for Auto-X it will have to prove itself on course.
But the MR-S sure does look good on paper.

> I would rather win ugly...and I have a trailer. :-)

I could go for a nice C-Mod car if I had a trailer. :)

> Besides, I think a yellow one with some red Pikachu graphics would 
> be
> cool. I promise I will be driving a Spyder very soon...I just wish 
> it was mine. 

Well it does have that Poke'mon look to it but someone will
bring that to graphic life might be cool tho.
Well when you do drive it see about sneaking it to an event
and letting us know how well it performs on course. :)

Steve Bernard
Red '99 Miata (B-Stock)
NER Region (Novice Class)

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