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RE: Look but don't touch (was Wendover Site Info?)

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Subject: RE: Look but don't touch (was Wendover Site Info?)
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Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 09:43:56 -0700
                You were lucky enough to find a hose... A select few of us
at the race site got a treat when the Wendover Police showed up looking for
the "White Corvette that was all stickered up". Apparently some terrible
person with no regard for the law used a hose and water faucet at someone's
place of business that was closed. Lucky for someone Gary Thomason, Steve
Waters, Charlie Shelton and myself all had white vettes and the police could
not tell which car it was for sure. Man one careless person can cause
trouble for the whole group. ;0
        So kids remember, you can go mach 1 on the salt but don't use the
water in Utah. Most important, admit nothing, if OJ got off so can you. ;)

Jason "It was the other guy, I saw him" Isley

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Subject: Look but don't touch (was Wendover Site Info?) 

I would strongly recommend against giving the salt flats a try.  A number of
years ago a group of us were doing the west coast Pros. The ones in Salt
Lake and San Francisco were a week apart so we took the time off. On the
trip to SF, we stopped at the flats and I couldn't resist and took my BSP
Z-car out for a run.  I was a kick and we got pictures, then went to the
nearest town and spent about $10 in quarters at the car wash trying to get
all the salt off the underneath.  Never got it out of all the crevices and
the body payed the price a number of years later.

Rick Brown
FP 240Z

> You forgot the best part... It is near the famous Salt Flats where
> they hold the land speed runs.
> I got the old 89' vette up to 100mph before we were shaking so bad I
> could not see strait, apparently they don't groom the salt on a regular
> basis and it is very ruff.
> Even if you are smart enough to keep your car off of the salt, it is
> a pain to clean off, you must check it out.
> Jason "RX7 KLR" Isley

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