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Re: Top Speed

Subject: Re: Top Speed
From: Michael Tarelka <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 21:51:25 -0700
I enjoyed your note, but as a person in the market for a Roadster, I would
appreciate keeping comments like "..undervalued etc"  Please Shhhhhhhh; at least
until I purchase mine.

Michael Tarelka
Alameda,CA wrote:

> I have read that the Solex roadster will do 134mph, and something in the 14
> second 1/4 mile. I have often wondered what people are getting out of their
> roadsters, and what they did to modify them. I was turned onto the roadster
> by my sisterd husband of the time. In 1982 she bought a 1972 240Z the her
> fiancee' convinced her to buy. As it turned out it was his toy. After weber
> carb, and some headers, he had that car roling at 155mph. That was the
> fastest I have ever been in any car. And at 155, a 240Z is not real stable.
>     All that aside, I eventually got my roadster. After over 10 years of
> brousing, I found a 69 2000 in running condition, clean straight and as far
> as I can tell complete. I knew I was getting it after one look. But what blew
> me away was the awsome power. I was not prepared for the surge of power that
> kicked in at 4000 rpm. SOLD!!!! Say no more, no other car packs the punch,
> and is as much a joy to own, and, at such a reasonable cost. MGB'S,
> TR(anything), Austin whoevers, Porches, Beamers, way over priced and no
> ummmmmmmmphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, like the 2000. The only other foreign car I
> would have is the 190SL, cause it looks cool... OK, I like them there
> I-talian ferrarriarr whatevers too the Dino, but the Datsun is way more cool.
> No one expects you to blow there doors off in it. And then after that they
> think you're a V8 or supercharger.
>     I know I am getting wordy, but one thing stikes me as strange. With such
> a fine racing history, and well built (better than most english cars) these
> Datsuns remain undervalued. Good in a way, but the money and effort to keep
> them going is not equal to resale. Perhaps it is that you do not have parts
> available to restore them and that make it an unattractive investment.
> thats all for now
> Larry Coughlin
> Baltimore
> 69 2000- black-original black-all original.

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