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Re: OT-Metal Cutting

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Subject: Re: OT-Metal Cutting
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Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 22:56:12 -0800
If you do not hurry the job, I do not see why a bandsaw with a Metal cutting
blade would not suffice.  With any metal cutting you must dress the metal
after the cut.
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Date: Thursday, February 22, 2001 8:25 PM
Subject: Re: OT-Metal Cutting

> Man there is just never a easy answer is there.... I REALLY can not
>afford a plasma cutter.  What I need is one tool that will work on
>and round tubing and on flat (up to 3/8") metal.  Mostly I will be cutting
>regular mild steel.  I would like to do some 'artwork' type stuff in
> It sounds like a bandsaw is the best comprimise.  I was originally
>hoping that one of the variable speed benchtop bandsaws might be able to
>all this??  What do you think?? Do I have to get an expensive floor models
>will a cheaper <200 bucks model do the job??
> Daniel 69 2000
>> Daniel, as you have learned with the  hammer/drill episode, the proper
tool for the
>> proper job makes thiings goe much easier aand faster.
>> a hand held power band saw will travel on you when cuttiing even if kept
in perfect
>> adjustment, (rubbers wear out, rollers get loose) you have to usethe
proper blade
>> a blade for carbon steel will wear out in a couple cuts on stainless.
>> an oxy/acetalyene torch is no good for stainless with out proper
shielding stainless
>> sugars on you( turns black and grainy).
>> a good chop saw cuts staiinless well but the blade will flex and travel
with too
>> much
>> pressure.
>> a floor mounted band saw is good if properly mainttained, and the proper
>> selection.
>> Plasma arc is great if properly maintained , but will not precisley cut
tubing, if
>> too large.
>> and needs a supply of nozzels and shields, and an air supply.
>> all these thiinngs will need a list of consumables, ie; blades nozzels,
cutoff whls
>> etc.
>> also when working stainless its best to learn the ideosychrancies(sp) of
the beast,
>> draws when welding , sugars when not shielded, corrodes when you use a
>> contaminated brush on it, welds turn pink when finished(heat just right)
>> which type of stainless Austentenic or Marstentenic? grade 302 308 316
>> get yourself a good book on weldiing stainless and practice makes
>> bottoom line is proper tool for proper job.
>> Russ Southwell 70 1600

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