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rotor rooter brake line

Subject: rotor rooter brake line
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 01:11:20 EST
The list helps again.

As constant readers may recall that last night I discovered a clogged brake 
line from the master cylinder to the junction box on the firewall.  One 
lister suggested a rotor rooter and so my BW went to the local OSH to buy 
some cable that would fit in the tube.

When she got it home we hooked the cable up to the drill and fed it into the 
tube.  Lo and behold, it worked and the obstruction was cleared.  One thing I 
discovered, it helps to have some extra rubber or a metal tube to run the 
cable through to keep it from twisting onto itself as you feed it into the 
brake line.

Thanks again to Fred Schroeder for his suggestion.

Now I have only another week or so of greasy evenings before I try to start 
the beast.

Gary C
1966 1600
1968 2000

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