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Re: torque wrenches

To: Marc Tyler <>
Subject: Re: torque wrenches
From: "John F Sandhoff" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 16:25:35 -0800
In discussing 'clicker' versus beam torque wrenches, it was asked:
>  which is more accurate?

A quality Beam

> Durable?

A quality Beam

The clicker style relys on a spring and a metal block held into a
groove by its tension. As the spring ages, the metal wears, or the
grease dries out, the accuracy of the click point shifts. I unfortunately
overtorqued the heads on my Mustang pretty severely 'cause the
clicker on my Craftsman stopped reliably clicking.

-- John
     John F Sandhoff   Sacramento, CA

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