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Re: torque wrenches

To: <>
Subject: Re: torque wrenches
From: "Stephen Wan" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 17:50:42 -0800
I find the clicker types more practically accurate than the needle and
I say practically, because the clicker type is a no brainer, just set the
dial and stop torquing when it clicks. The needle type you have to be
watching the scale as you torque it. Unless you are looking straight down on
the needle perpendicular to the scale(often awkward), your reading will be
skewed.  One benefit that I find with the needle and scale is that I don't
have to fuss with a dial every time I use it.  And dropping it isn't likely
to damage the tool.
Technically, I 'm not sure which one is more precise.

.  Does anyone have
> any experience with the type with the needle and scale ?  which is more
> accurate? Durable?

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