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Re: [Roadsters] Ebay seller to avoid

Subject: Re: [Roadsters] Ebay seller to avoid
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 15:39:10 -0400
Isn't the 61 prototype (actually a 67) that was driven by Elvis on the way to 
the UFO back on the market? Tim is right don't be fooled twice.

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Yep. Totally my bad. I missed that he doesn't take paypal. 

It won't happen again. That is for sure! 

Fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice I'll bloody kill you!! lol

Belleville, WI.
Still clueless but always learning

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Hi All
This is why I only bid on items that I can pay by paypal or credit card. 
Paying by Western Family Union or money order is the same as sending cash, 
you have no recourse if the transaction goes sour. There have been several 
times that Paypal has refunded my money because a seller has not performed 
as required. As a seller, I only accept Paypal so I always have proof that 
the buyer paid (or did not pay). Sure Paypal has fees but it is less than 
the amount I would be spending on aspirin to cover any headaches something 
like this causes

Kerry Z
1968 1600
Portland, Oregon 
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