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[Fot] CRC and noise

To: Bill Babcock <>
Subject: [Fot] CRC and noise
From: "Greg \"Lunker\" Hilyer" <>
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 16:37:17 -0600
How about noise restrictions in Portland? A SCCA racer/friend  
recently told me about about the noise restrictions at Laguna Seca.  
Said that to get a SuperTrapp [like mine] to conform [90db?]] choked  
it about to death. Went on to say that Portland is not nearly as  
restrictive. What db do we have to conform to? Any thoughts on  
baffled SuperTrapp vs. glass pack [+?] etc. Hope to do Seattle  
[Pacific but always SIR to me] the weekend before - what's their policy?

Greg "Lunker" Hilyer
TR4 #314
Albuquerque NM
On Mar 20, 2009, at 2:45 PM, Bill Babcock wrote:

> Tony Garmey sent me an email saying Starke Shelby has been previously
> nominated and seconded, but somehow didn't get onto the list. Since
> Tony is an FOT member you might wonder  why he didn't just let Mark
> know. I know the answer to that. Picture a old-style balance scale.
> Mechanical skills and fabrication excellence on one pan, computer
> skills on the other. Now put a TR3 motor or perhaps a Corvette
> longblock on the mechanic pan, and well, absolutely nothing on the
> other. There you have it. It's a matter of balance.
> Mark, could you please add Starke to the list. Or if somehow he didn't
> get nominated and seconded, consider this a nomination. But i dimly
> remember John James nominating him as well as numerous people
> seconding. For me to remember anything even dimly it must have been a
> remarkable event. Perhaps there were fireworks?
> Starke has been a vintage racer for many years, is active in SOVREN
> officialdom, and in his prior role as competition chairman never once
> had me frog-marched out of the paddock. He owns two TR4s, including
> John James' severely crinkled race car which he plans to return to
> active duty. He also has a real Devin body which has a Triumph
> powertrain in it's future.
> On another topic, Starke and I had a nice conversation about the
> upcoming FOT focus event at the CRC. He has had conversations with
> other SOVREN officialdom and verified that SOVREN intends to continue
> it's practice of counseling competitors from other vintage racing
> clubs about their departure from SOVREN car preparation rules rather
> than prohibiting them from running. So in other words, you can run.
> SOVREN will group cars by potential so people with conservatively
> prepared cars will be scored against their proper competitors. I knew
> SOVREN would take this approach but it's nice to have that clearly
> stated.
> The club is EXTREMELY supportive of the FOT event, and thrilled to
> have Kas coming.
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