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Electrical question and ABS

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Subject: Electrical question and ABS
From: "Denise Thorpe" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 20:58:34 -0400
BlankSince I'm on the digest and not the regular list, you'll be getting my
comments in a larger dosage.  Side effects may include flatulence, dry-mouth,
insomnia, narcolepsy, and sudden death, but these symptoms are rare and no one
who has died has complained.

Whenever I hear 'installing engine' and 'engine won't turn over' in the same
post, I wonder if someone got carried away painting components.  For the
starter to work, it has to ground to the engine.  If someone has put 16 coats
of lacquer on the engine backing plate, the starter isn't grounded.
I'm alarmed at the direction cars are going too.  I was annoyed at the third
brake light that makes 2-brake-light cars invisible.  But then our cars made
6-volt VWs invisible.  The justification for the third brake light was that
statistics said that cars with the extra brake light had fewer accidents.  But
this was when third brake lights were rare and the cars around them probably
slammed into each other in surprise.  They didn't keep statistics about
accidents _near_ the 3-brake-light cars.  No conclusion here, just adding fuel
to the fire.

Denise Thorpe, driving a '67 B around Charlotte because the stinkin' Volvo has
no brake lights.

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