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Re: RHD to LHD conversion

To: "List Spitfires" <spitfires@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: RHD to LHD conversion
From: "Graham Stretch" <technical@iwnet.screaming.net>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 17:14:42 -0000
Hi Patrick
Our wipers park flat pointing to the right and reach a past vertical extreme
to the left of the car. I guess that the US ( and other lhd ) markets must
have been more important than the rhd markets.
So, Wipers, about the only thing not needing changing!


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Subject: RE: RHD to LHD conversion

> Actually Joe, go look at your windshield and you will notice that the
> drivers side is wiped different.  The drivers side wiper travels oh say
> degrees while the passenger side only travels oh say about 100 degrees
> (obviously estimations).  You will notice that the arms are slightly bent
> different and should have a slightly different resting point to accomplish
> this.  This clears as much of the windscreen as possible for the driver
> while just doing what it has to for the passenger.
> No I can assume given this fact that while ours wipe from right to left
> UK versions would wipe left to right to accomplish the same item.  Anyone
> over there confirm this?
> No Joke,
> Patrick
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> Subject: Re: RHD to LHD conversion
> "Bowen, Patrick A RP2" wrote:
> > The windshield wipers would have to be changed as they are wiping the
> wrong
> > way.
> Patrick, That's a Joke....  Right???
> Joe

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