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Re: Petronix Vs. MSD

To: "Douglas Braun" <doug@dougbraun.com>, <spitfires@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: Petronix Vs. MSD
From: "Jeff McNeal" <jmcneal@ohms.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 10:12:33 -0700
As with many things, for many it comes down to diminishing returns.  Points
are cheap, work well, but need occasional maintenance and tweaking.  Pertronix
setups provide smoother ignition and require no maintenance, but cost a
heckuva lot more than points and condensor.  MSD adds another bell or whistle
to the equation and might in fact provide better performance than the
Pertronix (although I've never seen this documented), but at several times the
cost.  Those with points are more concerned with economy and originality and
aren't convinced that the performance gains and reduced maintenance of the
Pertronix units are worth it.  Those with Pertronix units like the stealth
installation, smoother performance, and aren't convinced that performance
gains and hardware associated with the MSD units are worth several times the
cost.  Personally, I've had new points and condensor, properly gapped, and the
difference between them and the Pertronix totally sold me.  Pertronix seems to
me to offer the best of both worlds.  Original appearance and modern
performance you can immediately feel, at a reasonable cost.
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  At 07:07 AM 4/23/2003 -0700, Joe Curry wrote:

  >But to answer your question, Pertronix is less than a 100 bucks while
  >the MSD (depending on where you buy it ) runs as high as $400.  Bug
  >difference for destitute Spitfire drivers.

  And my car is still running just fine with its $4 points...

  Doug Braun
  '72 Spit

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