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Re: sagging rear/advice

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Subject: Re: sagging rear/advice
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Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 22:44:28 EST
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Unfortunately, it is "the nature of the beast".  Your sag is due  to the
inherently bad design of the swing-spring rear suspension used on  the Spits.
The longer axles put a greater load on the weaker springs and  will
inevitably cause the sag you are  witnessing.

I don't disagree with Joe per se, but I've long wondered if the greater  
problem is with the increasingly heavier "Federal Spitfires" from 1974 on. 
is still a "heavy-duty" version of the swing-spring available from some 
vendors  (essentially the same spring used on the 1973 model GT6) that might be 

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